"Heinz and I were neighbors for 15 years. Our way of living could not have been more different, but over the years we became friends. He showed me more and more insights into his home and I him in mine. In the end his world was reduced to the size of his apartment and after many visits to different hospitals, my neighbor died in his private environment. At home, as he had wished and wanted."

Abseits der gestylten Wohnwelten der Hochglanz Magazine schaffen sich Menschen eine ganz private Umgebung. Über die Jahre sammeln sie Dinge an, arrangieren sie liebevoll, hegen und pflegen sie. Das kann der Fernseher sein, die braune Schrankwand, das Geschirr hinter Glas - alles Zeichen langjähriger Behaglichkeit, frei nach dem Motto: „my home is my castle“. Für diese Dokumentation wurde weder etwas künstlich arrangiert noch verändert. Die Arbeiten zeigen gelebte Spuren in privaten Räumen. Ohne zusätzliches Licht zu benutzen wurde fotografiert wie alles vorgefunden wurde. Die abgebildeten Gegenstände erzählen Geschichten über längst vergessene Modetrends, über Wohlstand, Glück, Armut oder Einsamkeit.

Photography is always a special form of memory. The aim of the pictures was to capture an atmosphere of a world that was disappearing and in the end disappeared. For this documentary nothing was artificially arranged or altered. Without using additional light everything was photographed in the rooms as it was found. The photo documentation „AT HOME" shows traces of living in a private room. The works tell stories of long-forgotten trends, prosperity, happiness, poverty or loneliness.

Away from the stylish living worlds of glossy magazines, people create a completely private environment. Over the years, they gather things, arrange them lovingly, nurture them cherish and care for them. They can be the TV, the brown wardrobe wall, the dishes behind glass - all the signs of lasting comfort, according true the motto `my home is my castle`. Many things are accidental, some find their place out of covenience. But all these things are both, past and present and form an essential part of a 'home'. Here the past can outlast the present. This space says little to a stranger, to relatives and friends a little more. A 'home' offers protection from the outside world. Within one`s own four walls, longing dreams and desires can be lived out in secret.